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Friday, May 31, 2013

Doctor, hospital held guilty for patient’s death

From LUCKNOW: The district consumer disputes redressal forum has held Sewa Hospital Research Centre and Dr Neena Saxena of the hospital guilty of medical negligence and slapped a fine of Rs 4 lakh on them. The forum held that the negligence of the doctor and the hospital resulted in untimely death of a patient, Usha Tripathi. The forum also held the hospital guilty of not conducting the pre-operative tests on the patient and not taking her family's consent for surgery. The complainant Shailesh Tripathi's mother Usha was operated upon by Dr Neena Saxena of Sewa Hospital Research Centre, Sitapur Road, on August 8, 2003, for hysterectomy. The doctor told Shailesh that the operation was successful and that Usha would regain consciousness within three to four hours. But a few hours later, Shailesh was told that his mother had suffered heart attack and would take 12 to 24 hours to regain consciousness. The complainant was also told that Usha needed ventilator support. Since the hospital had no ventilator, Usha was shifted to Harmain hospital the same day in an ambulance provided by Sewa Hospital on Dr Saxena's advice. The neurologist at the hospital after examining Usha said her brain had suffered severe damage due to lack of oxygen supply during surgery. Usha died on August 21, 2003, and Shailesh held the hospital and the doctor responsible for negligence and the untimely demise of his mother in his complaint filed with the forum. Usha Tripathi, after the death of her husband, was drawing pension from the government, and the entire family was dependent on her. Her son Shailesh, who filed the complaint in the consumer forum, said the family spent about Rs 3.5 lakh on Usha's treatment between August 8 and 21, 2003, but could not save her. The forum after perusing the records of both parties observed that the Sewa Hospital did not prepare the proper records of the patient: there was no mention in the documents about the diagnosis of the patient, surgery to be performed and the doctor who was conducting the treatment and surgery. Sewa Hospital also did not take the consent from Usha's son for the surgery. In another major observation, the forum said the hospital did not conduct the pre-operative tests of the patient. As per the medical history, prior to operative gynaecology, it is must to conduct blood, urine, chest and x-ray tests. The forum said the hospital did not manage the situation properly when the patient suffered cardiac arrest and that the patient was not given proper care while being shifted to another hospital.

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