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Friday, May 31, 2013

Committee to look into medical negligence cases

From BHOPAL: A medical committee would be constituted for cases related to medical negligence at the women's panel. This council would comprise senior doctors from government hospitals who would take a look at each case of negligence individually. This decision was taken at the Bhopal bench of the state women's commission (SWC) on Thursday while hearing a Vidisha district case of medical negligence resulting in death. The applicant in the case Sangapriya Gautam had moved the commission after her sister died during a hysterectomy. The doctors had found that the uterus of the patient and her kidney were close together which is why they had not performed the operation. The commission was of the view that they should have called a specialist in this case and gone ahead with the operation. A total of 11 cases came up for hearing including one of Bhopal. The cases were of domestic violence, domestic violence and physical assault.

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