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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ragging is like human rights' abuse, says SC

New Delhi (PTI): "Ragging in essence is a human rights' abuse," the Supreme Court on Wednesday said making it clear that any student prima facie found guilty of indulging in such an act would invite immediate suspension and institutions' bid to shield the culprits would lead to cuts in grants.

"The act by the seniors is a fist of steel against ice and likewise by doing so, they shatter the ambition, aim and object of freshers and they become aloof in this practical world," the Bench said adding that "ragging in essence is a human rights' abuse".

"Delay in taking action in many cases would frustrate the need for taking urgent action. In such cases if the authorities are prima facie satisfied about errant act of any student, they can...suspend the student from the institution and the hostel and give opportunity to him to have his say," a Bench comprising Justices Arijit Pasayat and M K Sharma said.

The Bench said such a measure was needed as a question was raised regarding giving opportunity to the offender before taking actions like expulsion etc.

It said law has to be set into motion immediately by informing the police about such an incident. "If it comes to the notice of the university or controlling body that any educational institution is trying to shield the errant students, they shall be free to reduce the grants in aid and in serious cases deny grants in aid," the bench said.

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