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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No parallel PG courses in public hospitals!

Views of Dr.Asha Paidhungat.

Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:18 pm Post subject: No parallel PG courses in public hospitals!

Today's Times of India, Mumbai Edition, has given about this latest MCI regulation of not conducting parallel PG courses like FCPS & DNB in public hospitals which are conducting MD/MS & DM/MCh courses!

By now, everyone knows that all CPS courses(Diplomas & Degrees) are recommended for derecognition by MCI!So if anyone does a CPS course, which was recognized by MCI &/or by MOHFW, he/she can't practice out of Maharashtra!

So now CPS has disallowed their students from doing their terms in public hospitals! Its a sad development, because not only are UG & PG teachers badly required in teaching hospitals, but PG students are also required to run clinical services in all departments where the workload is tremendous!

When will this discord between MCI & other bodies like NBE/CPS be sorted out amicably, in the interest of our country, since 80% of our population resides in rural areas & when so many people can't afford costly treatment in private hospitals?

After all, the vast experience that one gets in a public hospital, where thousands of poor patients come for treatment, is very different from that obtained in a private hospital, which is visited by more affluent people!

Dr.Asha Paidhungat.

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