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Monday, March 15, 2010

It’s official, Dr Cancer - Vaidya Ramesh Laxman Dhokte - is declared a quack

We have already covered this news at
Based on Indian Express From

Dr.Dhokte has mailed us asking to remove the pages
His Mail

This is in regard following webpage on your website.
This is wrong informtation and I herewith ask to remove this html webpage from your website.
Let me know if any issues in removal or you expect any help form my side and how soon you could do the necessary.

Our Reply

Dear Sir,

The information is based on
From INDIAN EXPRESS, which is a reputed News Paper
Please inform us as to what part of the news is wrong

His Next Mail

we are talking to newpaper sources on further findings on sources of  this information.
The data findings and allegations are baseless.
Its upto you if you want to remove this html page or not. but this is a heads-up on legal consequences that may incur and since your website is under your proprietorship unlike newpapers, can have implications for reputation damage on internet.
Hence, this is my friendly request to remove the contents and let me know if you expect any assistance to do so.
please confirm your take on this, either way.
Ramesh Dhokte

His third Mail

your profile and website is impressive. thanks for sharing.
your intentions of may be right, but just feeding some news that appears to be somewhat relevant( to what that website intents to present), isn't in your interest for your propsperous career and reputation as a doctor,  unless you have solid proofs for the facts behind it before flooding such news around.
You would need to be investigator or a lawyer yourself to do so (my friendly advice).
you seem to have been lacking any news data that can be posted on your website to generate traffic.
News paper represents version of truth that they are presented and thus have many loopholes in the law can easily bend the facts for the taste of audience but yours is proprietory website and thus my advice is
Remove the contents or any link for that matter from your website related to these allegations for/on Vaidya Ramesh Dhokte.
Feel free to email only if you have taken the corrective action i.e. no contents, meaning neither in the format of a copy-paste from a news-paper article nor a link to the news itself.

Mumbai, June 9, 2004 : Council scraps registration of Dombivli Ayurveda practitioner for duping cancer patients.

Ramesh Laxman Dhokte (65) of Dombivli, who has been duping cancer patients with the promise of a cure for more than 25 years, has lost his licence to practise medicine. The Maharashtra Council of Indian Medicine (MCIM) has permenantly withdrawn Dhokte’s licence to practise medicine.

Dhokte holds a diploma in Ayurveda. He had the requisite recognition to practice in Maharashtra

It was his unverified and dubious claim of curing cancer that was challenged by the MCIM in 1994.
The case against him gained momentum after Dhokte was booked for violating the Medical Practioners Act, 1961, and for duping cancer patients by the Economic Offences Wing of the Thane police on December 5, 2004.

Over the past quarter century, Dhokte sold his ‘‘miracle cure’’ to lakhs of unsuspecting cancer patients with the promise that his concoction would cure them of the dreaded disease.

By doing so, he raked it in. But Dhokte failed to get his medicine authenticated by an authorised research institution, despite reminders from the MCIM.

Dhokte claimed that he had stumbled upon a herb called ranvila in the forests of Mahableshwar.

According to him, the tribals had actually treated cancer with the herb.

Dhokte then proclaimed that the extract which he had prepared from the herb could cure all kinds of cancer.

Pune-based Botanical Survey of India had denied the very existence of the ranvila plant while replying to a query by one Dr Vilas Tannu in 1994.

The Thane police report on which the MCIM based its decision, revealed that Dhokte himself did not manufacture any medicine.

He bulk-purchased health tonics (like Radona from Solumix Herboceuticals) of well-known brands. After re-packaging, his ‘‘miracle cancer cure’’ was ready.

The police also found that Dhokte did not have a licence to sell medicine. Even the licence number on the label of his cancer cure product was fake.

Attempts to contact Dhokte failed. The staff at the dispensary told Newsline that he was away and ‘‘would be available’’ next week.

The Quack Effect

Dhokte, a diploma holder in Ayurveda from Dombivli, has been peddling his miracle cure since 1982. He has written numerous books, scripted a TV serial and a film on his miraculous cancer cure. Dhokte operated from a clinic at Dombivli (East) and charged Rs 2,000 for medicine and Rs 500 for consulting. His daily earnings amounted to Rs 40,000-Rs 50,000 on an average.

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