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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Medico-Legal, Scientific Approach- Criminal Lawss & Justice

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A Comparative Analysis Of Various Indian Legal Systems Regarding Medical Negligence: Criminal, Consumer Protection & Torts Laws: With the awareness in the society and the people in general gathering consciousness about their rights, measures for damages in tort, civil suits and criminal proceedings are on the augmentLaw

Law And Medicine With Special Reference To Genetic Engineering And Gene Therapy: A gene is a locatable region of genomic sequence, corresponding to a unit of inheritance, which is associated with regulatory regions, transcribed regions and/or other functional sequence regions.....By Sayantani ChatterjeeLaw

Are Phase I Clinical Trials of Foreign Drugs Permitted in India: The Indian Clinical Research Outsourcing (CRO) industry is growing rapidly and brings with it attendant regulatory concerns....By Adv.Arijit ChakrabortyLaw

Medical Jurisprudence: An Indian Law Perspective: Medico-legal is the term, which incorporates the basics of two sister professions i.e. Medicine and Law. Everybody talks about the law but few, aside from lawyers, judges and law teachers, have more.....By Sneha VenkataramaniLaw

Medico-Legal Significance Of Bruise: A bruise is called a "Contusion". This is seen as a bluish coloured area on the surface of the skin to begin with. This is due to the rupture of capillaries....By Prof (Dr) J.P.Saxena (M.B.B.S; M.D, F.A.F.Sc; LL.B.) Medico-legal Expert cum Toxicologist & Advocate

Scientific Defence Of Injuries (Abrasions): It is very common to find abrasions in different types of medicolegal cases say Assaults, Rape, Strangulation etc....By Prof (Dr) J.P.Saxena (M.B.B.S; M.D, F.A.F.Sc; LL.B.) Medico-legal Expert cum Toxicologist & Advocate

X Vs Z on AIDS: On account of disclosure of the fact that the Appellant was H.I.V.(+) by the Hospital authorities without the express consent of the Appellant, the Appellants proposed marriage ...


  1. My father was admitted in one private hospital in Gujarat (Ahmadabad) due to High Fiver with vibration which was due to UTA infection and due to that diabetes was also high which is approx 460.

    father was get vibration with fiver at mid night and he was admitted aprox 4 o'clock than the doctor (night duty officer-MO qualification is BHMS) he has make call to MD and MD has given line of treatment as per that they had started treatment and morning 10 o'clock my father was ok and again after 12 o'clock the same fiver with vibration is happen than MD has change some injection than every things are going ok till night 12 at night 2 o'clock my father go for urine that time every things are ok but sharp 2.40 the fiver with vibration was again come and nurse was given injection than within minute my father was say his birthing was going high than the nurse and that MO( BHMS) has check BP and pulse which was 85 and the nurse was scared and tell me to buy Oxygen tube (my father was taken spacial room, but there is no mask in room) i had given within 5 min than also my father not ok so after 10 min the nurse decided to sifted at ICU after consurnig MD but before my father reach at ICU my father death .......

    so will you be guide me in this case because i fill that this things are happen due to Hopital staff mistake they can not judge that this was hart attack and also there is no mask in spacial room there is facility of oxygen supply than also. and the second thing the MO was fresher who not till finished his internship and he was not taken judgment and had wast time of 12 mints.

    if my father get shifted within 5 mints than still he was with me.

    please help me in this case....

  2. please contact an advocate in your area

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