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Friday, November 04, 2005

Civil Surgeon

For your information, the following are earlier replies of DMS in the bulletin board, which may be useful to you

  • Civil Surgeon - Dr.Sankararaman CML no. 5050 of 2002: CML no. 4084 of 2005,
  • Senior Civil Surgeon-Dr.A.A.Sami CML no. 3175 of 2002: CML no. 2299 of 2005, and
  • Sr.Asst.Surgeon 6708/2002 is the last CML Numbers declared as promotion in the respective category.
Approximately for 225 Senior Assistant Surgeons promotion will be given.
Presently preparation of promotion list for Sr.Civil Surgeon, Civil Surgeon and Sr.Asst.Surgeon are in progress at DMS as per their intimation. So, keep your finger crossed for your promotions.
  • Sr.Civil Surgeon (general) promotion comes after 22 years,
  • Civil Surgeons after 17 years,
  • Sr.Asst.Surgeon after 15 years.
There were heavy recruitment during the year 1990 to 1991 amounts to approximately 1800 doctors (due 10A1 etc). Due to which 1990 batch onwards promotion chances will be in slower path. If you have any doubt, quote your CML No. and confirm the promotion opportunity with DMS. ( On completion of 10 years service, u will get Slection.Grade Asst which is the earliest promotion a Asst.Surgeon can expect than the Sr.Asst.Surgeon) Anyway wish you good luck for early promotions.

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