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Friday, November 11, 2005

Casual Leave as per FR (Fundamental Rules)

Other GO (Govt Orders) for CL (Casual Leave)
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Executive Instructions regarding Casual Leave.
[See ruling (3) under Rule 85 of the Fundamental Rules of the Tamil Nadu Government
- Appendix I - Section VII.]
1. Casual leave is not provided for in the Fundamental Rules and is a concession to enable
Government servants in special circumstances to be absent from duty for short periods without such
absence being treated as leave under the Fundamental Rules or the Tamil Nadu Leave Rules, 1933.
2. No Government servant may, in any case, be absent on casual leave for more than @twelve
days in the course of one calendar year. Casual leave may be combined with compensatory leave,
Sundays, or other authorized holidays provided that the resulting period of absence from duty does
not exceed ten days. The fact that a maximum has been fixed for the amount of casual leave which
may be taken within a year, does not mean that an officer is entitled to take the full amount of casual
leave as a matter of course. †If the eleventh and subsequent days are incidentally declared as
holidays on account of natural calamities, death of national leaders, bandhs, strikes, a change in the
date of the festival as per the announcements made by religious heads during religious occasions,
etc., a Government servant who is on casual leave or compensatory leave may avail himself of those
days also eventhough the period of absence exceeds ten days.
@[G.O. Ms. No. 704, P. & A.R. (FR 3), Dept., dt 8-7-1985, w.e.f. 1-6-1985.]
†[G.O. Ms. No. 309, P. & A.R. (DO II) Dept., dt. 16-8-1993.]
Note (1).—In the case of Government servants appointed under emergency provision and who are
likely to be ousted at any time, their eligibility for casual leave shall be calculated with reference to the
period actually spent on duty and shall be Proportionately limited. As a working principle, they may be
granted two days casual leave for every two months service and such leave may be combined with
holidays subject to the maximum prescribed in the above instructions.
(G.O. Ms. No. 1122, Finance, dated 26th November 1959.)
Note (2).—Casual leave may be granted for half-a-day at a time on application. In such cases, the
half-a-day period should be either three hours from the commencement or before the closure of office
(G.O. Ms. No. 907, Finance, dated 21st July 1970.)
3. Heads of departments should intimate their intension or taking casual leave to Government in
the department concerned.
4. A register of casual leave taken should be maintained in every office.
5. Omitted.
6. Omitted.
[G.O. Ms. No. 802, P. & A.R. (FR. 3), Dept., dt. 14-8-85.]

Other GO (Govt Orders) for CL (Casual Leave)
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