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Monday, March 09, 2009

Dip NB is equal to MD / MS / DM / MCh - including Teaching Experience - Gazette Notification


  1. Inspite of the DNB equivalence being declared in the gazzette of India there has been no practical change in any of the Medical colleges.The Mci has counter filed that the DNB cannot be equated to MD degrees and has asked for teaching experience of 3 years and research experience which the DNB doctors already have.The actual reason for MCI not recognising DNB - is because they cannot make any money by means of taking bribe from Medical colleges for recognising their MD seats which amounts to thousands of crores.
    So ultimately a degree which is gained by sheer hard work with international standard examinations, without paying money or influence or reservations, the degree awarded by the Government of India is not recognised by an autonomous body called the Medical counil of India because it is not getting any monetory benifits.

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